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For details of the CHAMPIONSHIPS CUPS and PRIZES please see "Suffolk Festival Championships and Awards".

REPEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED in set pieces unless we specify them. For other classes open to pianists see FG 84.

ADJUDICATOR details can be found on page v of the preface.

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  • Piano Solo

    * Novice Classes Open only to those who have not yet (at date of submitting entry) gained a Certificate of Merit or above in this or any comparable festival.

    You may now enter the Graded and Age classes twice if you wish, which will give you a chance to play more than one of your pieces at the festival.

  • Piano Duet
  • Piano & Other

    Please note that we also have a new Mixed Ensemble class (CO 02, in the new Concerto and Mixed Ensemble section) for any combination of mixed stringed, woodwind or brass instruments, including piano and percussion.

  • Keyboard

    If you cannot bring your own keyboard, please contact the Chairman.

  • Concerto Classes