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For details of the CHAMPIONSHIPS CUPS and PRIZES please see "Suffolk Festival Championships and Awards".

ADJUDICATOR details can be found on page v of the preface.

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  • Vocal Solo Junior

    We have a Junior Vocal Championship (11yrs and under). To qualify please enter VC176, VC197and VC200. For Duets see Vocal Duets Junior, Youth and Senior.

  • Vocal Solo Youth

    We have a Youth CHAMPIONSHIP (12 - 15yrs). To qualify please enter VC 177, VC 198 and VC 201.

    Please note that if a class becomes too large we reserve the right to split it up further.

  • Vocal Solo Senior

    We have a Senior Vocal Championship (16yrs - 19yrs). To qualify please enter VC 179, VC 180, VC199 and VC202.

  • Vocal Duets, Ensembles...
  • Vocal Solo Adult

    All Adult Vocal classes are OPEN to anyone, but there are two Championships, one for Amateurs and one for Professional/Experienced singers. To see which category you belong in see festival rules 6,7.

    To qualify for either Championship you will need to enter the following classes. (A) VC 152. (B) One or more of classes VC 161, 162, 163 and 164 (we will use your best mark from one of these). (C ) The recital class VC 170.

  • Vocal Duet, Ensembles...