Help & Useful Info



The general Festival rules apply together with the following rules, which are specific to the Dance section:

  •          A competitor may only enter once in any solo, duet, trio or quartet class.
  •           The same dance may not be performed more than once at the festival even with different partners.
  •          Vocals are not allowed on your CD in Song & Dance classes.
  •          Tap classes, tapping is not allowed on the CD.
  •           In tap classes, fixed taps with single sounds only.
  •          Competitors music must be recorded at the beginning of the CD, and be pre-set. Each piece of music must be recorded on a separate CD.
  •          Please hand in your CD in when you arrive, if you wish to practise with your CD, you will need to bring another copy.
  •          Eligibility for the All England Dance regional finals is by accomplishing a mark of 84 or 86 depending upon age. See the All England Dance web site for full details.
  •          The Suffolk Festival is a qualifying festival for All England Dance in even years.