A guide to filming, uploading and submitting entries to the Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts ‘Virtual’ Festival 2020

This is a guide to help entrants submit video and other files for their Festival entry. We will update this if additional questions pop up. If you have a question which is not answered here please e-mail the festival on suffolkfestival@gmail.com

What can I use to film my entry?

You can use your computer, tablet, phone or a standalone video camera to film your entry. As long as the visual and audio is clear that is what matters.

Is there a certain video format or size I should record in?

Ideally please record your piece using one of these File types:

  • mp4
  • Mov
  • h264 

You can upload video of any resolution, but maximum playback resolution is 1920 x 1080 so stick with this at the most please. Also please make sure you don’t exceed the time limit for your class.

Each device (phone/tablet/computer) will have a setting option where you can check this.

The festival will check all submissions to make sure they work before going to an adjudicator and we will get in touch if we find a problem with any of the submissions.

What name should I save my "VIDEO FILE" entry under?

Please name your video file recordings clearly with the entrants name and the class this is for.

Please don't just use the name that the camera assigns, if you do we wont know who the performer is or which class the video is applicable to.

For Example: Jade Smith ORV 01.MOV

If your class has multiple performances you may either combine the videos into one video or send each part individually. For one video please ensure the parts are clearly separated. If you submit each part as a separate video please name the video file  as follows:-

For Example a class with two parts : Jade Smith ORV 01 Part1.MOV     Jade Smith  ORV 01 Part2.MOV

If you submit videos via WETRANSFER in a ZIP file make sure the files within the ZIP folder follow the naming convention. 

I need to submit a copy for a Music /Speech/Drama class. How do I do this?

All of the Music Sections require a copy of your pieces. These are to be uploaded by the entrant through the same system as the video.

Some Speech classes require copies of readings such as verse, poems and monologues to be provided. Copies of these are to be uploaded by the entrant through the same system as the video.

These can be submitted as the following file types:

  • .doc
  • .pdf
  • .jpeg (photo – but please make sure it is of high enough quality that the words can be clearly read.)

Please name the files performer name class no name of piece (can be short form) page no.filetype

These would be submitted at the same time as your video.

Can I enter the same class more than once?

In all sections you may not enter more than once in the same class, unless you are entering on a different instrument, in which case you may make more than one entry. 

What about timing?

The timings given are a suggestion appropriate to your grade, however, if your recording exceeds the suggested times you will not be penalised but the adjudicator may not listen beyond the recommended times.

Does the recording standard impact on the marks?

There are no extra marks given for advanced camera work or high definition production. The main thing is that the adjudicator is able to see and hear the entrants clearly and fully in order to give the best feedback.

Dress Code

When producing your video, imagine you are performing in front of the adjudicator and dress appropriately.

How do I send my video and other files to the festival?

Once you have chosen your classes and paid your entry fee you shall receive a confirmation e-mail from our shop, which will contain a link where you can upload your video for entry. The following gives further guidance.

How do I upload my entry?

  1. Please follow the appropriate link that is provided in your confirmation of entry email. There are two links, one if you have a Google account and one if you don't. These will take you to a form to fill in. (The links are also given below)
  2.  Please complete all the details requested.

Have a Google account or are happy to open one.  Click here for the form 

Uploading is slightly simple with the Google account 

·       Click the button called ‘Upload’. Please click this.

·       Your computer/tablet/phone will then ask you to select what you want to upload.

·       Please upload all your videos and documents (if required), that are needed for your specific entry or entries following the naming convention described previously.

Don’t have a Google account. Click here for the form 

  • Please go to www.wetransfer.com and upload your files there.. (please keep the Google Form open as you will need to submit a link to us)
  • Copy and paste the sharable link from WeTransfer.com into the form you have been filling in
  • To get the shareable link click the three dots (…) to the left of the transfer button

NOTE: If you are entering more than one class you can upload all your files at the same time. Please make sure you select the classes you are uploading to on the form.

Can I upload different classes at different times?

Yes, as long as the uploads you send match the class you select on the form when uploading that’s all we need.

Can I change my video once submitted?

No, we can only accept a replacement video if there is a technical problem with the original submission. 

What happens to my video/s during and after the Festival?

No unauthorised access, downloading or duplication of media files relating to a performance or documents containing identifiable information of the performer is allowed.

Access to media files relating to a performance will only be accessed by the relevant Festival staff and the Adjudicators specific to that class.

Once marking is completed by the Adjudicators and the results are submitted, verified and released by festival staff, all media files relating to a performance will be deleted.

In addition, all copies of Music and Speech documents provided will be deleted after adjudication.


When will I receive the adjudication and results

All being well we hope to get the results out in early September. However as this is our first virtual festival and the same goes for most of the adjudicators there may be a slight delay if we have any technical issues.