Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts ‘Virtual’ Festival 2020

As this is our first virtual festival there are some slight changes to the rules, which will revert back next year. Please ensure that you read all rules carefully.

How to use our On-line Entry System

Entries for the 2020 Virtual Festival 

Even though we are operating a virtual festival the entry process is very similar to previous years . Firstly select the classes you wish to enter from the menus at the top, complete your order and then later upload your video/s. We will send you a link in your order acknowledgement with details of the upload process.

If this is the first time you have used the entry system you will find it similar to on-line shopping from a supermarket or other store.   Making an entry application is the equivalent of placing an order.  The system is designed for use by an adult, parent or teacher, or an adult entrant.

Registration and  sign-in

You can look at the content of this system and create entries without having registered or signed in. If, however, you wish to complete the entry, the system will prompt for registration (for first-time use) or sign in, or you can use the sign-in button on the top right of any page at any stage. When registered your details can be viewed/amended by clicking on your name (top right).

Making an Entry (i.e. 'placing an order')

Having registered and signed in, click on the top menus to select the class to be entered and provide the information required  at the bottom of the page.  From this point there are two buttons to be clicked and they should be clicked in this order; the ‘Submit Details’ at the bottom, and ‘Add to Cart’ at the top. The ‘Add to cart’ will not work unless the ‘Submit Details’ has been clicked first.

If you want to make an entry on another class then use the menu items on the left or the search facility.

Payment and Confirmation of the order

Follow the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ process or click on the ‘Cart’ tab on the top right.

When you have successfully completed your order an acknowledgement will be sent to you by email. If you don't see the the email please check your SPAM folder.


You can view and download the complete Syllabus from the menu at the top of the page.

Correcting or changing an entry

An entry, once submitted, can only be amended by deleting in the cart, and resubmitting. 

If the order has been completed then email the appropriate section lead whose details can be found at

Logging in Problems

If you are having problems accessing your account please email:-

Other questions

If you do have any other questions please do get in touch at or use the contact link at the top of the page.

Uploading Your Video/s

Full details of filming and submitting your entry can be found in the "Virtual Festival Video Guidance" at the top of the page.