Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts


Suffolk Festival Trophies and Awards 2010

Competitors must achieve at least “Commended” in each qualifying class for each award or trophy.
Piano Classes (PN) Winners
Helen Watson Memorial Cup (8-12 years) PN 8 Fay Lenner
Dorothy Fagge Cup (13-14 years) PN 10 Paul Armitage
George Fairburn Memorial Cup (Grade 8+) PN 23 Paul Armitage
Gwendolen Davy Cup (Bach) PN 29 Bill Lynch
Ipswich Music Centre Cup (Chopin) PN 30 Tristan Melen
Wingfield Trophy (Sonata) PN 32 Matthew Boyle
Wayman Cup (Recital) PN 33 James Bowstead
Ganzoni Shield (Duet) PN 42 Olivia Masfield & Hannah Robinson
Hilda Prigg Trophy Piano Champion  Tristan Melen
Wind Classes (WD)
Suffolk Recorder Players Cup WD 56 Paul Armitage
Rita Smith Cup (Ensemble 8-10 years) WD 66 Not Awarded
Woodbridge Music House Trophy (Ensemble) WD 69 Not Awarded
Wright Cup (Consort) WD 72 Not Awarded
William Gilbert Cup WD 80 James Bowstead
Boosey & Hawkes Brass Cup WD 92  Not Awarded
Roy Coates Cup WD 98 Not Awarded
Orwell Park Andrew Cronin Award for Highest marks in Brass section Eva Hilger
Suffolk Wind Trophy  James Bowstead
Vocal Classes (VC)
Marguerita Musk Chilvers Rose Bowl (Ladies’ solo) VC 151 Gillian Phillips
Albert Balaam Cup (Oratorio Aria) VC 161 Ruth Marple & Eleanor Bundy
Hildesley Cup (Operatic Aria) VC 162 Robin Adams
Christine Podd Cup (Early British Song, Open) VC 163 Glynis Huggett
John Greene Challenge Cup (English Song, Open) VC 164  Eleanor Bundy
Jervis White Jervis Cup (German Lied, Open) VC 166 Reece Ransome & Eleanor Bundy
Janet Bailey Salver (French Mélodie, Open)  VC 167 Eleanor Bundy
John Fry Cup (Recital) VC 170 Gillian Phillips, John Meers & Eleanor Bundy
Bury St Edmunds Operatic & Dramatic Society   VC 171 John Meers
Helen Ruddock Cup (Folk Song 18+) VC 173 Glynis Huggett
Christopherson Cup (Boys Treble Solo) VC 191 Jamie Goodwin
Cocksedges Cup (17 -19) VC 196 Aimee Bromwell
Junior Vocal Cup………………Junior Vocal Champion Robbie Noonan & Dougie Sands
ISM Trophy…………………Youth Vocal Champion Katherine Green
Oliver Lusher Cup…………………Suffolk Vocal Champion Gillian Phillips
Open Vocal Champion (No cup for this Championship) Jenny Surridge
Woodbridge Town Council Award (£25) Robbie Noonan & Dougie Sands
Woodbridge Town Council Award (£25) Katherine Green
Strings Classes (ST)
Crutchfield Cup (under 12 Violin Solo) ST 227 Not Awarded
Bertha Stevens Cup (13-14 Violin) ST 228 Lara Bryant
Ruth Hooper Cup (15-16 Violin) ST 230 Not Awarded
Dudley Hervey Cup (20 and under Violin) ST 231 Not Awarded
Eric Harrison Memorial Cup (Violin Grades 8+) ST 240 Paul Armitage
Mary-Kate Cup (Viola Grades 8+) ST 240 Not Awarded
Suffolk Chamber Players Cup (Cello Grade 8+) ST 240 Hugo Chambre
Bertha Carter Salver……………Most promising string player William Emery
Music Committee Cup…………String Champion Hugo Chambre
Louise Livett Trophy Piano and another Instrument   Not Awarded
Long Melford Music Society Cup Best Recital (IN73)   Hugo Chambre
Promenade Music Trophy Best Choir (CH124-128) Not Awarded
Wightman Cup Best Choir in Evening Voice Squad
Speech Classes (SS)
Norman Kenyon Cup (Junior Verse Speaking) Annabelle Howarth
Ironside Wood Cup (Verse Speaking) SS 307-313      Grace Baker
Festival Cup (Choral Speaking) SS 314-317 Arbor Prep School
The Hillcroft Cup for Bible Reading (Junior)  SS 331-334 Alfie Dry
Senior Bible-Reading Trophy SS 335-337 Kitty Dry
Junior Shakespeare Trophy SS 340-341 Ashley May
Skerritt Shakespeare Trophy SS 342-344 Toby Rapsey
Randall Bevan Cup (Repertoire) SS 353-355 Grace Baker
Rapsey Cup for Junior Duologue SS 345 Leilia Pasket & Mis Derrick
Barbara Regester Cup for Senior Duologue SS 345-350 Grace Baker 7 Nicola Myers
Jean Gilles Cup for Junior Prose Andrew Dougherty & Annabelle Haworth
Palmer Thomas Trophy (Shakespeare Duologue) SS 349 & 350 Not Awarded
Frederick H Honeycombe Memorial Cup (Senior Section) Excellence in 3 classes   Charles Brindley
Stowmarket Town Council Trophy (Junior Section) for Excellence in 3 classes  Louisa Falconer
Berry-Hart Junior Speech Cup   Junior Speech Champion Alfie Dry
Barclays Bank Trophy    Senior Speech Champion Grace Baker & Toby Rapsey

Dance Section, Cup Winners 2010

5 years olds                                                                          

Amelie Carter

6 year olds                                                                            

Lily Kerton

Robert Anderson, 7 & 8 yr olds                                        

Keziah Farrow

Nancy Robinson, 9 & 10 yr aids                                      

Fredrika Anderson

Linda Shipton, 11 & 12 yrs olds                                       

Paris Moulds

Rosie Barham, 13 & 14 yrs olds                                       

Emily Mae Keepe

Janet Kinson Ballet Cup                                                   

Tie: Emily Mae Keepe & Elisha Keepe

Elise Hockey Character Cup                                            

Hayley Rasdall

Robert Harold National Cup                                             

Elisha Keepe

Robin Winbo Modern Cup                                                

Elisha Keepe

Doris Dorbon Tap Cup                                                       

Naomi Gisbey

Dennis Lowe Song & Dance Rose bowl                        

Naomi Gisbey

Contemporary Cup                                                             

Emily Mae Keepe    

Improvisation Award                                                           

Caitlin Rutter

Reeve Boys Cup                                                                 

Alfie Payne

Tamzin Overton Memorial Cup                                        

Emily Thomas

Computing Needs Classical Duets & Trios Cup               

Lydia Bridge & Grace Steggall

Amos Award Junior Stage Duets & Trios                                   

Izzy Bos, Grace Stoten & Charlene Moulds

Stage Duets & Trios Trophy                                              

Rhianna Eden & Grace Steggall

Angela Rowe Classical Groups Cup                              

Ann Holland School of Theatre Dance

Dance Vibe Tap Groups Cup                                           

Dance Factory

Tripudio Intermediate Modern Groups Cup                       

Ann Holland School of Theatre Dance

Festival Shield Senior Modern Groups Cup                       

Ann Holland School of Theatre Dance

Classical Glyph Award                                                      

Laura Skinner

Stage Glyph Award                                                            

Alfie Payne

Statue for Most memorable performance                                   

Elisha Keepe

Masks for Stage presence                                                 

Katy Bent

Janice FuHman Cup most promising dancer                       


Dance Championship Cup, Outstanding in dance

Elisha Keepe.

Novice Classical Rose Bowl                                             

Not Awarded

Stage Novice award (Sheild)                                            

Not Awarded

Sammy Ross Memorial Cup                                             

Not Awarded



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