Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts

Suffolk Festival Trophies and Awards 2013

Suffolk Festival Trophies and Awards 2013   Winner
INSTRUMENTAL Classes SF Award(£5 each )  IN 101,102,103 101 Lucy Clare, 102 Katherine Hopper, 103 Honor McEvoy
INSTRUMENTAL Classes SF Award (£15.00) IN 115 Not Awarded
Piano Classes (PN)    
Helen Watson Memorial Cup (12 years) PN 8 Cameron Scott
Suffolk Festival Awards (£5 each) PN 18,19,20 18, Medomfo Owusu, 19 NA, 20 Amy Quinton
Dorothy Fagge Cup (13-14 years) PN 10 Jay Keys
George Fairburn Memorial Cup (Grade 8+) PN 23 Not Awarded
Gwendolen Davy Cup (Bach) PN 29 Not Awarded
Ipswich Music Centre Cup (Chopin) PN 30 Paul Armitage
Wingfield Trophy (Sonata) PN 32 Luke Congdon
Wayman Cup (Recital) PN 33 Luke Congdon
Ganzoni Shield (Duet) PN 42 Margherita Baker & Emma Coemack
Suffoll Festival Award Piano Recitals PN28 £10, 33 £15 28, Philip Yeung, 33 Luke Congdon
Hilda Prigg Trophy Piano Champion  Not Awarded
Festival Awards Bach and Chopin(£50 each) PN 29 & 30 (at least 87+) 29 NA, 30 Paul Armitage
Wind Classes (WD)    
Suffolk Recorder Players Cup WD 50-58, 73-82 Not Awarded
Rita Smith Cup (Ensemble 8-10 years) WD 62-64 Not Awarded
Woodbridge Music House Trophy (Ensemble) WD 65-68 Not Awarded
Wright Cup (Consort) WD 72 Not Awarded
William Gilbert Cup WD 80 Not Awarded
Boosey & Hawkes Brass Cup WD 80 Not Awarded
Roy Coats Cup Brass Band WD 98 Not Awarded
Suffolk Festival Award (£5.00) each WD 75, 76, 77 75 NA, 76 Samuel Lumb, 77 NA
Suffolk Festival Award (£30) for Best Brass and Non Brass Player WD 82 £15 & £15 Not Awarded
Orwell Park Andrew Cronin Award (£40) for Most outstanding Brass Player   Cameron Scott
Suffolk Wind Trophy  Wind Champion Not Awarded
Vocal Classes (VC)    
Marguerita Musk Chilvers Rose Bowl (Ladies’ solo) VC 152 April Goss
Albert Balaam Cup (Oratorio Aria) VC 161 April Goss
Hildesley Cup (Operatic Aria) VC 162 April Goss
Christine Podd Cup (Early British Song, Open) VC 163 Gillian Morgan
John Greene Challenge Cup (English Song, Open) VC 164  April Goss
Jervis White Jervis Cup (German Lied, Open) VC 166 April Goss
Janet Bailey Salver (French Mélodie, Open)  VC 167 Valerie James
John Fry Cup (Recital) VC 170 April Goss
Bury St Edmunds Operatic & Dramatic Society   VC 171 Charmian White
Helen Ruddock Cup (Folk Song 18+) VC 173 Kay Palmer
Christopherson Cup (Boys Treble Solo) VC 194 Not Awarded
Cocksedges Girls Cup (17 -19) VC 202 Robbie Noonan
Rosie and Jill Duet Award (25) VC212 £5, 213 £5,  216 £15 212 NA, 213 NA, 216 Anita Robertson & Richard Chilvers
Suffolk Festival Award (£5 each) VC 194,195,196 194 NA, 195 Grace Baker, 196 NA
Thornton Shield for most entertaining singing performance  Adjudicator choice Robbie Noonan & Doug Sands
Junior Vocal Cup Junior Vocal Champion Ella-Rose O'Grady
ISM Trophy Best under 20’s Choir Out of the Shadows
Geraldine Stevenson-Patey Award Senior Vocal Champ Robbie Noonan
Oliver Lusher Cup………………… Suffolk Vocal Champion April Goss
Suffolk Open Vocal Championship Cup Suffolk Open Vocal Champion Not Awarded
Woodbridge Town Council Award (£25)………………………………… Junior Vocal Champ Ella-Rose O'Grady
Woodbridge Town Council Award (£25)………………………………… Youth Vocal Champ Grace Baker
Woodbridge Town Council Award (£25)………………………………… Senior Vocal Champ Robbie Noonan
Strings Classes (ST)    
Crutchfield Cup (under 12 Violin Solo) ST 227 Mary Armitage
Bertha Stevens Cup (13-14 Violin) ST 228 William Emery
Ruth Hooper Cup (15-16 Violin) ST 230 Natalie Bechmann
Dudley Hervey Cup (20 and under Violin) ST 231 Not Awarded
Eric Harrison Memorial Cup (Violin Grades 8+) ST 240 Paul Armitage
Mary-Kate Cup (Viola Grades 8+) ST 240 William Emery
Suffolk Chamber Players Cup (Cello Grade 8+) ST 240 Natalie Bechmann
Suffolk Festival Award (£5 each) ST 234, 236, 237 234 Jonathan Quinton, 236 Hugh Halfhide, 237 William Halfhide
Suffolk Festival Award (£15.00)…………………………………………… ST 249 Paul Armitage
Bertha Carter Salver…………………………………Most promising string player   William Emery
Music Committee Cup……………………String Champion   Paul Armitage
Louise Livett Trophy Piano and another Instrument   Paul Armitage
Long Melford Music Society Cup Best Recital (IN73)   Paul Armitage
Promenade Music Trophy Best Choir (CH124-128) The Oaks C.P. School
Wightman Cup best Senior Choir Tutti Frutti
Royal Hospital School Award (£40 each) Top Two Junior Choirs The Oaks C.P. School & St Philomena's School
Body and Sole Cup (5 years) DA 400 Marni Jennings
Rachael Dawson Novice cup DA 481 (84 marks not required) Not Awarded
Instep Cup (6 years) DA 401,402 Lola Boynton
Classical Novice Rose Bowl DA 482,483 (84 marks not required) Not Awarded
Festival Modern Novice Award DA  484,485,486 (84 marks not required) Not Awarded
Robert Anderson Cup (7- 8 years) DA 403 Not Awarded
Nancy Robinson Cup (9 -10 years) DA 404  Not Awarded
Linda Shipton Musicality Cup (11 -12 years) Adjudicators choice Olivia Allison
Janet Kinson Classical Ballet DA 403,404,405,406,407,408 Shannon Spurdens
Elsie Hockey Character Cup DA 414,415,416,417,418,419 Joshua Harding
Robert Harrold National Cup DA 420,421,422,423,424,425 Darcey Jessup
Robin Winbow Modern Cup DA 426,427,428,429,430,431 Joshua Harding
Doris Dorbon Tap Cup DA 432,433,434,435,436,437 Jessica Irving
Festival Contemporary Cup DA 410,411,412 Shannon Spurdens & Fredrika Anderson
Festival Improvisation Cup DA 487,488,489,490,491,492 Jessica Raven
Reeve Boys Award Highest Mark Joshua Harding
Tamzin Overton Memorial Cup (11-12, Modern solo) DA 428 Darcey Jessup
Sammy Ross Memorial Cup (13-14, Tap solo) DA 435 Brooke Jennings 
Computing Needs Classical D/T/Q Cup DA 446,447,448,449 Stephanie Martin, Ellen Barker & Chloe Giles
Amos Award Junior Stage Duets, Trios & Quartets DA 458,459,462,463,466,467 Lauren Clark, Alice Payne, Alex Marks & Sydney Ames
Festival Stage Senior D/T/Q Cup DA 460,461,464,465,468,469 Alice Payne & Maia Hunt, Stephanie Martin & Chloe Barry
Angela Rowe Classical Groups Cup DA 471,472,473 Arabia Ballet Troupe
Dance Vibe Tap Groups Cup DA 475,478 Central School of Dance
Festival Shield Senior Modern Groups Award DA 479 Martlesham School of Dance
Suffolk Festival Bursary Award £25 (13yrs +) Best total scores from any three solo classes Joshua Harding
Suffolk Festival Bursary Award £25 (12yrs -) Best total scores from any three solo classes Darcey Jessup & Fredrika Anderson
Dance Championship Cup (Outstanding in dance solo 12yrs & over)) Adjudicator’s choice Joshua Harding
Speech Classes (SS)    
Bible-Reading Trophy (Senior) SS 333 - 335 Kerry-Alice Hartnett
Festival Cup (Choral Speaking) SS 314, 315, 316, 317 Cherry Trees
Frederick H Honeycombe Memorial Cup (Senior Section) Excellence in 3 classes, non-trophy winner Jade Mark, William Fisher and Charlotte Sheehan
Howard Trophy and £10 Book Token Highest mark in 377-378 Dylan Ball
Ironside Wood Cup (Verse Speaking) SS 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313 Annabelle Haworth
Jean Gillies Cup (Junior Prose) SS 321, 322, 323, 324  
Junior Shakespeare Trophy SS 339,340 Ella-Rose O'Grady
Marion Berry-Hart Cup Junior Speech Champion Ella-Rose O'Grady
Norman Kenyon Cup (Junior Verse) SS 299, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306 Christopher Long
Palmer Thomas Trophy (Shakespeare Duologue)    SS 349 & 350 Jack Heydon &Zak Davies
Randall Bevan Cup (Repertoire) SS 353,354, 355 Grace Baker
Rapsey Cup (Junior Duologue) SS 345,346 Ella-Rose O'Grady & Esmée Fox
Regester Cup (Duologue) SS 347, 348 Hannah Edwards & Livia Hughes
Skerritt Shakespeare Trophy SS 341 - 343 Ben Moss
Stowmarket Town Council Trophy (Junior Section) Excellence in 3 classes, non-trophy winner Alice Brindley
Suffolk Festival Award (£25) Excellence in Speech (at adjudicator’s discretion) TBA
Suffolk Festival Trophy Senior Speech Champion Annabelle Haworth
The Anne Harris-Norman Award for Modern Drama  SS 356, 357, 358 Grace Baker & Francesca Ottley
The Hillcroft Cup (Junior Bible Reading) SS 331, 332 Medomfo Owusu