Rules & Information 


The adjudicator will assign marks and/or categories as follows:

90-100 Outstanding: An exceptional performance, both technically and artistically.

87-89   Distinction: An excellent performance technically and artistically.

84-86   Commended: A convincing performance technically and artistically.

81-83   Merit: A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability.

78-80   Moderate:  A performance showing development of technique and/or communication.

75-77   Fair: A performance limited in its communication.

There will be no official accompanist. If you need an accompanist please contact one of the recommended accompanists: Details are given on the Suffolk Festival website. Booking and payment will be directly between you and the accompanist.
3      TROPHIES & MEDALS       

a)    Medals, which are awarded to the winner of the children’s classes, may be retained.

b)    Cups, or other trophies which are awarded, may only be retained until the next Festival.  The recipient must agree to keep it safe and return it in good condition and return to relevant secretary (see p3) by 1st Sept the following year.

c)    The recipient is to pay for any loss or damage caused to trophies whilst in his/her possession or in transit.

d)    Cup Winners may have their names engraved on trophies in keeping with any existing engraving at their own expense.
4      QUESTIONS?  

If you have any questions, require further information or would like to contact a member of the Committee please visit our website at, where you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions together with contact details.

5.1   Your entry

a)    We would like to encourage everyone to use the “On Line Entry System” which we feel sure you will find straightforward and convenient to use. It greatly reduces and simplifies the work involved in dealing with entries and also saves on paper & postage.

b)    Entries will be accepted only if the appropriate entry fee is received before the closing date.

c)    Entry fees can be refunded only in exceptional circumstances.

d)    Any entry may be rejected without giving a reason.

e)     Confirmation of entries will be generated at the time of your order by the on line entry system.

f)    A month before the festival you will receive an email notifying you of the class times and schedule.

g)    If you have not received confirmation of your entries or class schedules please contact the festival IT     Manager.

h)      In the Speech Vocal and Dance classes you may not enter more than once in the same class unless you are in a group class with different partners.

i)      In the Piano, Strings and Wind classes you may enter up to twice in the age group and grade classes, but you must play a different piece each time.

j)    The same piece may not be performed in more than one class in the same Festival year, or repeated within three years of entry.

k)      Own choice music must be stated as part of your entry.

l)    Any changes must be notified by email to

m)     Changes made after 10th September must be notified by email and labels will need to be filled out when you get to the festival, so the correct details are available for the adjudicator etc. Please do this as soon as you arrive at the festival.

n)     Committee members are not allowed to enter the festival on a competitive basis.

o)     Professionals and experienced performers are eligible to enter only the Vocal Open championship all other classes are for amateurs only.

Professionals defined as: those whose income is wholly or in part derived from teaching or performing the particular branch of the performing art in which they are intending to compete. 
Experienced performer defined as: anyone over 21 sufficiently experienced to have been asked to perform as a soloist in a major work, for a society with more than 50 performers, or previous winner of the Suffolk Festival Vocal Championship.

5.2   Age Limits

The qualifying age for entrants will be calculated as on 1st September prior to Festival. Adults are defined as anybody 18 yrs and over, unless otherwise stated.

5.3   Time Limits

You must observe all relevant time limits for performances. The “Performance time” shown is the total time and entrants should note that spoken introductions are included within the quoted timings.  If you do not keep to the time limit you may be penalised and may not be placed.

5.4   Repeats

Repeats should not be played unless otherwise stated in the syllabus.

5.5   Own Choice Pieces

You must provide a copy of what you are performing for the adjudicator. No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to originals, which should be collected immediately following the class adjudication.

5.6   Announcing Your Performance

Performers are encouraged to announce their performance.

5.7   Grades

Some music classes are for certain grades.  If you have passed the grade concerned at the date you send in your entry, or you or your teacher think you are that good (or you have achieved a Merit for a class at that grade in this festival or one like it), please don’t enter a lower graded class. If, between entering and performing, you gain a higher grade, that’s fine - we ignore this upgrade.

5.8   Backing Tracks

Please note that we do not allow the use of a backing track in place of an accompanist.


No one who is or was a pupil of an adjudicator in the last twelve months may enter a class judged by that adjudicator without the consent of the Chairperson to whom full disclosure of that connection has been made.


The Festival will have the necessary copyright performance permissions provided that the identity of any work to be performed has been provided in advance, and that the piece has not been re-arranged without the composer/author’s consent. Photocopies may be used for adjudicator’s copies only.


We will hold and process your personal data solely for the purposes of the festival and is held under the control of the IT Manager.